:tmks085: 迁移完成 ~ 


2019.12.20: 源站服务商跑路,除定时备份外所有文件丢失。

2019.12.24: 用 Amazon Lightsail 临时恢复了实例,预计回档数据不超过 24 小时,由于 CPU 只有单核,导致体验很糟糕。

2020.01.06: 迁移至位于 Amsterdam 的 8C 32G 服务器,至此迁移正式完成 ...

* :tmks057: 由于 bot 没有备份 ...
可能要还要咕咕一个月左右才能重写出来 ... migration completed ~ 

Event timeline

2019.12.20: The original server is deleted and all data except the scheduled backup is lost.

2019.12.24: Use Amazon Lightsail to temporarily restore instances. The lost data will not exceed 24 hours. Due to the use of a single-core CPU, the experience was very bad.

2020.01.06: Migration to an 8-core 32G server in Amsterdam, and the migration is now complete ...

* Because the bot has no backup ...
It may take a month or so to rewrite it ...

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:tmks085: 迁移完成 ~ 

@fghrsh 站长辛苦啦

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