@mocco :tmks082: An error occurred on one of the acceleration nodes of the media server ovo.wxw.moe due to misoperation. Now it has been fixed ...

wxw.moe migration completed ~ 

:tmks085: wxw.moe 迁移完成 ~ 

[博客推送] FGHRSH 2019 年度报告
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@kyrahabattoir :tmks004: I used to use some cheap Chinese brand tablets, and then the experience was terrible ... The popular entry recommendation here is also recommended to use Wacom if you have a budget ...

@kyrahabattoir :tmks057: Oh .. I'm not very proficient at this either, I just looked at the recommendations and bought the Wacom CTH-690 ...

@kyrahabattoir :tmks099: chinese art tablets? Is a Windows 10 tablet that supports digital pens?

@wty002010 :tmks057: 有的,注册了大量随机名称的账号,然后一直在高频发送含有某个网址的广告内容 ...

:tmks057: 硬盘又被 sidekiq 日志写满了... 已恢复并对日志大小进行限制...

我也不知道整了个什么东西 ...
¿ ? ¿ ? ¿ ? (play.wxw.moe)

[AD] 顺便.. 安利下自家梯子?

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:tmks085: 本实例 Mastodon 已平滑更新至 3.0.0 版本

[博客推送] 缘之空 春日野穹 和服 1/7 手办开箱
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@TritTriton :tmks057: May be a network problem? Our media server uses cloudflare's CDN service

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:tmks092: 本实例 Mastodon 已平滑更新至 2.9.3 版本

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:tmks057: 本实例时间轴 bot 较多,在每条嘟嘟右下角的「更多」按钮里,可以隐藏部分不感兴趣的账号...

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:tmks092: 本实例 Mastodon 已平滑更新至 2.9.2 版本

[博客推送] 学生申请 中国银行 白金系列外币信用卡
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