Sometimes I wonder if humanity is ready for the borderless space that is the internet.

Looking at it from an average person's perspective, the answer I end up with isn't a happy one.

When I started the net was optimistic and naive but now it's a giant arena where various groups fight to influence and control its users with their brand of ideology and manipulation, whether nationalist or corporate.

I hate seeing countries working to cut themselves off the global net but I am not surprised, either.

So here is my problem today, i'm looking for a replacement battery for a Sharp MD-MS702.

My problem is that I can't find a battery that was not manufactured 20 years ago and then never charged. Which would be a DEAD battery today.

:blobthinking: "I wonder how much it'll cost me to get a Pantone color sensor?"

🖥️ "$770, shipping/tax not included"

:blobowo: "... maybe I'll just make up a color value."

Finding people to follow on the fediverse (e.g. Mastodon/Pleroma) is simple! :blobcatmlem:

1. Start by checking the timeline for your local instance. See an interesting post? check the author's timeline. Are they or their posts interesting? Follow them.
🖥️ :blobcatcoffee:

2. Check their boosts and give their authors the same treatment. :blobcatfingerguns:

3. Rinse and repeat. 🔄 :blobcatreach:

Is your local instance too quiet? Try the federated timeline, but brace for noise!
🌐 :blobcatsurprised:

The early 90's: a time when advertising that your PC monitor will only irradiate you "a little bit" was a feature. :blobowo:

☢️ :crt_w_prompt: ☢️

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