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If you're a #SecondLife content creator who cannot explain to your customers why you sell content no-mod and instead dance around the issue like you've been caught doing something bad and you're feeling might be a good idea to consider that maybe you're doing something bad and you should reconsider.
Currently LL allows misinformation about what causes SL's performance problems to run rampant.

There needs to be a broad discussion about content optimization in #SecondLife and Linden Lab absolutely must be a part of that discussion.

Like the videogame development and modding communities, SL needs blogs about optimization, contents rewarding optimization. Well optimized content needs to be highlighted and poor content creation practices need to be held up for what they are and loudly discouraged by LL, skilled content creators, and the community at large.

Had a dream that Le Corbusier made a version of his chair for introverts

Meant to post this earlier but something was wrong with attachments. Anyway, another screenshot of my recent fantasy style look for #SecondLife

#cowgirls #monstergirls #anime
Hello! I'm new here! I've been meaning to join Fedi for a while, a long while, and I'm finally making the leap. I hope we can be friends!

Expect me to overshare far too much of my personal life as well as my obsession with #SecondLife where I can be an #anime #cowgirl. Also maybe some of my art.

Oh, and this will be a spicy account! There will be booba. There will be milk. 💗
My friend @Polychrome has been teaching me to script in #SecondLife so I've made the delivery truck at my #anime #Monstergirl dairy interactive! You can now use it to hitch rides to other locations in the region, like the carriages in Skyrim!

Then, this morning, I redecorated the ranch house into a manager's office, adding lights and a sign outside, and much more inside.

Somehow, afterwards, I had two more prims free than when I'd started.

If you're in SL and would like to see, you can visit here:

Warning, while these screenshots are safe, the actual dairy and its #cowgirls are decidedly NSFW. ^^;

Wow, check out these #darkpatterns on the #playstation store page. When you go to buy a game, clicking "Add to Cart" launches a sidebar that prompts you to subscribe to a service with monthly fees, and the a second bright blue "Add to Cart" button appears, with a tiny "Skip" button at the bottom.

How many users have signed up mistakenly for PS Plus without their knowledge or express consent, Jim Ryan?

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