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Andrew #Tate loses legal appeal to end detention in #Romania

“A Romanian court has rejected Andrew Tate’s appeal against his detention, ruling that the former kickboxer, influencer and professed misogynist must remain in custody while an organised crime investigation continues.”

When going out to buy a SMOL BLÅHAJ .. one must wear ?

Chose wisely and boost, my life depends on this. #trans

today's project is redoing the front of the spaceship exterior in #Blender

nothing fancy and it's going to be a fairly low detail pass but it's going well!

“Satire is meant to ridicule power. If you are laughing at people who are hurting, that’s not satire, it’s bullying.”
-Terry Pratchett.

The slow destruction of Twitter means I don’t have to limit myself to 280 characters anymore.

So this is a LONG-ASS post about having been online for decades & lost so many spaces to malfeasance and malice & what to do now, how angry I am & how hard this will never stop being.


I've been pushing myself to read everything Terry Pratchett wrote about the Discworld universe.

So far? No regrets.

It is just so good...

冬コミ参加します☆ | 猫耳 花音  #pixiv

コミックマーケット101 31日(土) 東O-49a「覇娘」で参加します。 


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