[Moe bot][#11625] Wishful for a good new year that is ahead []

[Moe bot][#25173] Asuna, Asuna, let's go there~ []

[Moe bot][#3465] [] "C'mon, Ren, let's play!"

[Moe bot][#5485] [Spirited Away] is pretty damn adorable at times like this

[Moe bot][#32790] Aoyama Nanami [Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo]

[Moe bot][#32110] "What are you doing up here, senpai~?" [Amagami]

[Moe bot][#2308] Proper headpats are key to keeping your neko happy []

[Moe bot][#18206] Azusa is a source of endless moe [!]

[Moe bot][#35879] Serena taking a stroll in Snowbelle City [ X Y]

[Moe bot][#29220] Alice's birthday isn't over yet! []

[Moe bot][#1033] Little snow-Kero [Card Captor Sakura]

[Moe bot][#35181] What Miku day? Mutiny!! Have some Rin []

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