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自我介绍 Instance introduction

一个萌萌哒 泛ACGN Mastodon 实例,讨论主题不限,欢迎安家 ~
A lovely sweet animation, comics, games, novels instance, any topic, welcome to ~

[ 中国語注意 / If you don't like Chinese toots, please don't join in. ]

Simplified Chinese is mainly used here, but don't worry about it.
You can toots in Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese and English here.

For porn bots and news bots, please register for other instances, thank you.

社区氛围 Instance rules

  • 拒绝真人不雅内容 / No real life pornographic photos.
  • 不参与三次元键政,包括转嘟 / Don't toots political topics.
  • 禁止发送 违反香港法律 的内容 / Not violate Hong Kong laws.
  • NSFW 图片,须标记为 “敏感内容” / NSFW pic must mark sensitive.
  • NSFW 内容,使用 “CW” 功能折叠 / NSFW content folded using "CW".
  • 谢绝 无意义刷屏,广告推送 类用户注册使用 / NO AD, NO SPAM, Thanks.
  • 尊重他人,勿引战,勿发表攻击性言论 / Toots harmoniously, not belligerently.

  • 个人头像、资料页横幅不得使用 NSFW 图片
  • Avatar and profile page banner cannot use NSFW images.

  • 呜呜的文字上限为 20000 字,但发送公开长文必须使用 "CW" 折叠
  • The text limit of this instance is 20000 words, but the public long texts must be folded using "CW".

  • 请勿滥用实例媒体资源服务,禁止引用图片、视频外链至其他站点(如 博客/论坛)
  • Do not abuse the instance media service. Resource links are not allowed to be used in other sites.

  • 严管儿童色情,发现封号删除
  • 可以发送二次元萝莉萌图,但不允许真人儿童色情
  • 如果是推图 bot,必须标记敏感内容,包括正常图片

  • Strictly control child pornography.
  • Pictures bot must be marked sensitive content (including normal pictures), thank you.
  • Note that you can send "cute anime" (loli) pictures here, but "real girls" child pornography is not allowed.

  • Don't just toots sexy* content all the time. You should share more daily using words.
  • If the user is almost full of content that contains sexual expressions,
  • The export wait time will be cancelled, and delete all account data immediately.
  • *sexy content: slightly revealing clothing, such as swimwear, does not contain sexually explicit content.

  • 第一次违反上述实例规则将隐藏用户,并在收到第二次举报时停用用户
  • 用户被停用登录后,所有用户数据将在3天后永久删除,请及时导出存档

  • The first violation will hide the user, and the user will be disabled if the report is received again.
  • After the user is disabled, all user data will be permanently deleted after 3 days.
  • Please export the archive in time.

  • 服务节点 Instance nodes

  • 捐助呜呜 / Donate
  • https://mk.wxw.best (Powered by Stripe)

  • 服务状态 / Service Status
  • https://stats.wxw.fail (Powered by UptimeRobot)

  • Hong Kong 28C 56G 1000M (Powered by Akari Networks, https://akari.net, https://idc.do).
  • 媒体位于 Wasabi (us-west-1),优化线路反代加速 / Media stored on Wasabi with Cloudflare.

  • 稳定程度 Instance reliability

  • 如无突发情况,关站会提前三个月通知。
  • 非盈利项目,无 DDoS 防护,没有 SLA 保证,但会尽量维持在线。

  • This is a non-profit project, no SLA, no DDoS protection, but we will try to keep it running.
  • We will notify you three months before if the instance will terminate and nothing unexpected.

  • 滥用举报 Abuse report

    如果用户在 wxw.moe 上以未经授权的方式使用受版权保护的内容,
    版权所有者可以向 abuse@wxw.moe 发送 DMCA 删除通知,以要求更改或删除侵权内容。

    If you are the copyright owner and you believe that the content on wxw.moe violates your rights,
    please contact us by sending an email to abuse@wxw.moe.

    We will terminate accounts that repeatedly violate this policy.

    Moderated servers

    Mastodon generally allows you to view content from and interact with users from any other server in the fediverse. These are the exceptions that have been made on this particular server.

    Filtered media

    Media files from these servers will not be processed or stored, and no thumbnails will be displayed, requiring manual click-through to the original file:

    Server Reason
    dirt******.xyz pornographic content

    Limited servers

    Posts from these servers will be hidden in public timelines and conversations, and no notifications will be generated from their users interactions, unless you are following them:

    Server Reason
    dirt******.xyz pornographic content

    Suspended servers

    No data from these servers will be processed, stored or exchanged, making any interaction or communication with users from these servers impossible:

    Server Reason
    activi*********ll.cf Malicious exploit
    missk**********b.cf Malicious exploit
    nih**.*ub Temporarily blocked, unconfirmed
    re**.*o Malicious exploit