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自我介绍 Introduce yourself

一个萌萌哒 泛ACGN Mastodon 实例,讨论主题不限,欢迎安家 ~
A cute and sweet, anime and manga instance, topics are not limited, Welcome in ~

[ 中国語注意 / If you don't like Chinese toots, please don't join in. ]

Simplified Chinese is mainly used here, but don't worry about it.
There are no language restrictions here, and you can send toots in any language.

实例氛围 Instance rules

  • 拒绝真人不雅内容 / Reject Live-action pornography.
  • 禁止发送 违反当地法律 的内容 / Do not violate local laws.
  • 本站不讨论政治,重度讨论的封号 / Don't publish political toots.
  • NSFW 内容,注意勾选 “内容警告” 功能 / "NSFW" tick the "CW" button.
  • 谢绝 无意义刷屏,广告推送 类用户注册使用 / NO AD, NO SPAM, Thanks.
  • 尊重他人,勿引战,勿发表攻击性言论 / Harmony, don't publish offensive toots.

  • 服务节点 Service node

  • 香港 24C 8G 独服,100M 国际带宽 / Hong Kong 24C 8G 100M Dedicated Server.
  • 媒体位于 AWS S3,美国 CN2 反代加速 / Media stored on AWS S3 with Cloudflare.

  • 稳定程度 Reliability

  • 如无突发情况,关站会提前三个月通知。
  • 非商业项目,无 DDoS 防护,没有 SLA 保证,但会尽量维持在线。

  • This is a non-profit project, no SLA, no DDoS protection, but we will try to keep it running.
  • We will notify you three months before if the instance will terminate and nothing unexpected.

  • 管理人员 Management

    This instance was created and managed by FGHRSH(@fghrsh),
    and thanks liwanglin12(@lwl12) for his encouragement and help.

    本实例由 FGHRSH(@fghrsh) 创建和管理,感谢 liwanglin12(@lwl12) 的客串与帮助。