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Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the wxw.moe moderators.

  1. 拒绝真人不雅内容 / No inappropriate real-life content.
  2. 不参与三次元键政,包括转发 / Avoid real-world politics.
  3. 禁止发送 违反香港法律 的内容 / Don't post anything illegal in Hong Kong.
  4. NSFW 图片,须标记为 “敏感内容” / Mark NSFW images as "Sensitive".
  5. NSFW 内容,使用 “CW” 功能折叠 / Fold NSFW content with "CW".
  6. 谢绝 无意义刷屏,广告推送 类用户注册使用 / No spam or ads.
  7. 尊重他人,勿引战,勿发表攻击性言论 / Be respectful, no trolling or aggression.
  8. 注册审核请回答下列问题: / To complete your registration, please answer the following questions:
  9. ① 为什么注册呜呜站?/ Why do you want to register on this instance?
  10. ② 简答 ACGN 的含义?/ What does ACGN stand for?
  11. ③ 同意呜呜站的社区规则?/ Do you agree with the community rules of this instance?
  12. 🌸 缺项或错误将被拒绝 ... / Incomplete or nonsensical responses will result in rejection ...
  13. 详细社区规则见: / For detailed community rules, please see:
  14. https://wxw.moe/about
  15. 使用本站代表您同意了这些规则与政策,注册前请务必仔细阅读!/ By using this instance, you agree to these rules and policies. Please be sure to read them carefully before registering!